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Devise CMS

Devise is a content management system with rich application development in mind, written in Laravel 5. With full-featured front-end content management Devise supports manipulating images, videos, WYSIWYG editing, maps, audio, "simple" controls such as checkboxes, selects, etc, all by placing simple attribute tags in your html markup.

Furthermore, Devise supports localized content, page versions, no-nonsense html & blade templates, easy to understand permissions, user and group controls, and much much more.

For developers looking to construct a bigger application Devise is a fantastic solution to execute your classes and present data from them right into your templates. No more fussing with controllers or trying to figure out where your logic should go. You focus on your HTML, CSS, and JS and the PHP classes that does your application specific code.

Full documentation can be found at http://devisephp.com/docs